EduTechNovation Day

Third place. It was quite an achievement from our group. I never thought that we could win this amazingly competitive competition within our classmates. All of the groups’ amazing movies were presented today and they were all very interesting and very well edited. I could say that some of them looked like the real movie. As today came by, we realized that we had learnt a lot from this course. There were too many things to be listed actually. However, we would like to thank Dr. Rosseni and other her PhD students for making this learning easier and merrier. Without them, everything was not possible to achieve. From today on wards, I officially put video editing as one of my favorites. It quite tricky, yet quite exciting. Thank you Dr for all of these. Maybe I do not learn everything as critical and as detail as anyone else. But I’m sure that I had learnt something new as the basis.


Week 10: Editor

The due date for the last editing of the video is up. We had make lots of editing and we did on make the last editing the day before. However, there was some technical problem and we didn’t manage to upload our video. It was very upsetting. We asked for Dr.’s permission to submit the day after. And as expected from her, she kindly allowed us to do so. Thanks Dr. we put on everything and upload the video. As always, there were positive and negative feedback from her. As usually, it was useful for us to keep on improving. We sure do not want to disappoint her. There’s nothing much this week tho. 

Week 9: Just the Teaser

After compiling all the recordings, we started to work on the editing. The editing is the most crucial part in this movie making aside from recording. You have to put video, sound effect and everything together to form a good splendid movie. This week, we have to present our video, the rough part. However, everyone in the classes misunderstood the instruction. We thought Dr. just wanted to see the draft or the trailer. So, all of us end up showing only the teaser and trailer of the actual movie. It was quite upsetting for Dr. and for us too. However, the chance was given to us and we had to complete the video and make sure it was the best that we could possibly do. Even though the trailer was quite short, we received positive feedback from Dr. and we looked forward into making an awesome movie that will impress her. Just wait for it. It surely be as awesome as those in HBO, Cinemax and Star Movies.

Week 7: Drawing Time

Story board is actually my favorite part. During this 7th week, we have to draw our story board on a mahjong paper. We have decided to make a flow chart on the mahjong paper. It will show and explain about our story line. We just sat down and draw and write. Dr. provided us with some whiteboard markers. We tried to make our story as interesting as it could be. My friends from other groups also were doing quite well. They sure know how to draw. When we were finished, we have to present in front of the whole class about our story board. During the presentation, I could lots of creative ideas came from other group’s presentation. They were splendid. From this story lining, I could see how the flow of the recording is going to be. It really helped us. Dr. approved our story board. So, what was left is just to start the recording. May Allah blessed us and hopefully our recording are going to be really well.

Saya Hi to Penang

Well well, hello Penang. I couldn’t believe my own eyes that I was actually in Penang Island. For the fact, this is my first time stepping on this island. Our one day trip in Penang started at 12 midnight. We ride a bus from Bangi to Penang and the journey took us about 5 hours to reach here. When we reached the island, our first stop was at the mosque. We perform our Subuh prayer and setup our camera. Then off we go to Mamak! Yes, Mamak. We have to take our breakfast first and it was amazingly delicious here with the nasilemak, roti canai and the tarik! Heavenly feed. After that, we stop at Masjid KapitanKeling. It was very beautiful and the design was quite unique. We spend about an hour and a half there to take some photos and do the recording. Our next destination would be the St. George Church. It was a historical building. Same thing here, we took photos. Ever heard of BatuFeringghi> Yes, we went there too. The scenery was beautiful, and if it wasn’t for the humans polluting the beach with rubbish, it would be the greatest beach ever. Before we head home, Dr. allowed us to go to Gurney Plaza, one of the shopping complexes in Penang. Actually, I really wanted to go to Queensbay Mall. However, it wasn’t in our route. But it was okay. We had a great time there. That was all about our one awesome day trip to Penang. Please, may we have another opportunity to visit other places together. We’re closer when we have the chance to spend time together like this. There’s nothing more that i value the most other than a close friendship with my classmates.

Week 5: Hello Sir Faiz

Week five and the date for our trip is getting nearer. This week, Dr. has given the job to teach the class on using a DSLR to our classmate, Faiz. He is awesome. Faiz is the most acknowledgeable guy in this class when it comes to explaining explicitly about the proper way of using a DSLR. He taught us a lot of things like lighting, angle, ISO, exposure and some other terms that I haven’t heard before about DSLR. I managed to take notes about some of the function and the correct way of handling it, but what I could say was that thank god there is an auto mode. It made my life easier for not having to adjust this and that. Because of the lack of number of DSLR, I have downloaded my own application in my smartphone. It was as awesome as a DSLR but of course it would never be the same as the real one. But at least I got my own shot. After the 2 hours of briefing on the usage of camera, I can sure you that all of us were psych and can’t wait to go to Penang! All in all, we have to thanks Faiz for the useful knowledge. Surely I want to be someone like him one day. You know, just teaching people about the stuff you are actually good at. Photoshop maybe.

Week 4: Brainstorming

Day by day.Week by week. Without you even realize we already enter week four. During this week, we’ve been taught by Dr. Rosseni on how to make a good video. Actually, there are steps to produce a video. I’ll simplify about all the three steps. First is pre-production. This is the step where we draft and brainstorm about what type of movie that we are going to do and what it is all about. The second is scripting. Basically, we write the script for the whole movie. The final step is the story boarding. Story boarding is the trickiest part because we have to plan and think of the right angle to be used during the shooting. After all the explanations, we sit in our group and discuss about our video. After a very long discussion and brainstorming, we’re deciding on making a documentary. Wow, we’re doing a documentary. How can we possibly make a documentary? Its insane! Nonetheless, quite fascinating. Can’t wait to start our recording!